How to Configure Yahoo

Yahoo email

Now make your experience easier with Yahoo, user will now be able to centralize all of their accounts into Microsoft Outlook. With the following process it will be very easier for user to look and work with their email staff or other. Getting your Yahoo configured will make users manage their email in one place. Now the users with Yahoo account can make these sort of changes with their account. Well it is very hard for users to always install many software and accounts. Forgetting password is also the main cause for having multiple accounts. To make the account safe we use complicated password or hard password and saving those passwordsunique for many accounts leads to forgetting password.Now there is a feature which will reduce all sort of pressure with the multiple accounts and hassle.
To get started with configuring users Yahoo account, there are various things users will have to be careful for. Now after creating the account, user must be aware that there are various thingsand procedure which are optional to follow but is for the beneficial for users. Now to configure Yahoo mail there are two parts user must be aware of. Weather their account has been set to Two-Step verification or not. There are various means and steps to follow if either one of them is enabled. Now in the following steps which have been mentioned below, we will be looking at some of the that must be changed or checked for the two step verification and with no two step verification process.

Two-step Verification, generate a password.

If user have made changes with their account and set it to Two step verification, then user must generate a Yahoo mail app password. The step for the process is not that hard, the only thing user will have to do is use the given password to log in into their app in place of the Yahoo Mail sign in password at the time user configure with Outlook.

No Two-step verification enabled.

If user have not made their account enabled for two-step verification than user will have to secure their Yahoo mail account, users account must allow email clients to allow to use Yahoo account sign in. To do so there are steps mentioned below. Follow the steps as suggested.

  • User will have to log into their Yahoo Mail account.
  • Next after the profile is loaded, in the top right side of the page click on profile name click on Account Info.
  • Next head towards the account security.
  • In the page scroll down until user finds, allow apps that use less secure sign in, toggle to enable it.
  • With the following step user will be able to now accept sign-ins from Outlook.

With the following step user will be able to configure their Yahoo mail and start combing with the Outlook to save much hassle. Now there are various other ways to configure the account but the mentioned steps are the most working steps mentioned by the experts. If user is having any sort of issue with the steps than feel free to contact to our Yahoo Customer Support Number 1-855-617-9111.