Recovery of Hacked Gmail Accounts

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Gmail is generally known as the free email service provider software which was developed by Google. Now user can freely access Gmail over the web and it also allows other third-party program that gets along with POP and IMAP protocols.Gmail do offer various features for users rather than just allowing users to send and receive emails, it has the features to load on a calendar, set notes, reminder. The most interesting part is that now Gmail allows users to attach attachments while sending and receiving emails. In the older version there was no such features where user was able to attach images, videos, or link in the email, but now user are able to attach and send emails. Rather than getting into features of Gmail, there has been a lot of request made by users where user have asked for the ways to recover their hacked Gmail account.

Importance signs user must be aware to check if Gmail account is hacked.

  • First user will not be able to sign in into their account. Due to the reason the account’s password gets changed automatically.
  • There are several emails which has been sent from your account holder’s notice.
  • In the spam mails or sent mails there are probably infected and unused emails.
  • The security details or user’s information may also be altered by the person who attacked your account.

  • The most common step user must take in order to retrieve Gmail’s account is by changing your password asap. There are certain steps user will have to follow to make changes with your password. The steps are mentioned below in points for changing your Gmail password.

  • Headover to the web browser and type in
  • Next step is to head over Sign in link located at the top corner.
  • Click at the link and wait for the page to load.
  • As we are not aware about the password, user will have to click on forget password link or can’t access the account.
  • Then user will have to provide the email address which has been hacked or compromised.
  • Next some security info must be filled in by the user where Gmail will validate with the user’sdata and information.
  • Next after the account is verified there are two ways by which user will get a security code. One is at your cell phone or second in the secondary mail users have provided.
  • Get the code, enter the code correctly. After the verification, user will get a link. Click on it.
  • Next, create a new password for your Gmail account.The steps can be used again if the account’s password is forgotten or needs to be recovered.

With the following step Gmail user whose account has been hacked can be easily retrieved. In the following procedure if user do face any sort of issue or problem while following the steps than feel free to give us a call at our Support Center Number 1-855-617-9111. We have the best service for Gmail where any sort of problem or question will be answered.